United Methodist Youth Fellowship

Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) is designed to make the Gospel known to youth students that they may believe in Jesus Christ and live in loving relationship with God and others. We exist to love, encourage, and walk alongside young people as they grow into followers of Jesus who might become passionate about the Gospel, filled with love for others, and seekers of Christian truth. Our hope is for the Gospel to shape every part of students’ lives into the image of Christ. This is accomplished through Gospel-Centered and Spirit-Filled teaching, discipleship, and fellowship.
We love middle and high school ministry here at SUMC! We are passionate about creating experiences where students can meet God, grow in relationship with Him and others, and be inspired to impact their world for Jesus. All are welcome. Bring your whole self with all of your questions. We know you’ll find some great friends and answers here, and we look forward to seeing you! We have an in-person experience at 4:30 pm every Sunday!
Currently, our theme for the year is All Things New. Transitions can be difficult, but God shows us that when he does something new it’s beautiful. Please feel free to contact Dr. Layne Harpine at studentministries@swansboroumc.org if you have any questions. 
ASP—The Appalachia Service Project aims to make homes in the Appalachian Mountains “warmer, safer, and drier.” Our church annually takes part in this trip during the summer to serve those that need it. Youth and adult volunteers leave the church early Sunday morning to work on homes, fellowship with other church groups, worship together, and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. Any questions regarding ASP can be directed to Lisa Potts or Chuck Egerton at asp@swansboroumc.org
Beach Retreat—Youth in Grades 6-12 are invited to explore and experience ways to “restore life” at our annual Youth Beach Retreat! Students will have tons of fun at the beach with great food, fun, and fellowship, but they will also engage in discussions, devotion times, breakout sessions, and a sunrise communion service on the water that are designed to cultivate your student’s relationship with Christ. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact Dr. Layne at studentministries@swansboroumc.org
Pilgrimage—Pilgrimage is a gathering of ~5,000 Christian youth and youth workers at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, NC, or at the Conference Center in Rocky Mount, NC. There are renowned Christian leaders, praise and worship music, testimonies, sermons, artistic expressions, and so much more! It is truly an amazing experience to witness youth-led worship in front of so many Christians. Pilgrimage takes place during the second weekend of November, so if you have any questions, please contact Dr. Layne at studentministries@swansboroumc.org 
Ski-Trip Retreat—While many churches take ski trips, Swansboro UMC aims to make every trip a mountain top experience. Youth, grades 7-12, are invited to come skiing or snowboarding at Winterplace Ski Resort with our Youth Group! We usually go on this trip during the month of January to make best use of the cold weather. The cost to go on the trip covers food, equipment rental, lessons (if necessary), and housing. If you have any questions about going, please contact Dr. Layne at studentministries@swansboroumc.org 
Sunday Schools—There are two Youth Sunday schools: Middle School (6th-8th grade) and High School (9th-12th grade) that meet in the back two classrooms, behind the stage of the Assembly Hall in building 3 on Sunday mornings at 9:40 am. Both Sunday schools are led by volunteers that take current events and ask our youth to connect them to God. We try to teach our youth to always be on the lookout for God and what he’s doing in their lives, what he wants them to be doing, and what lessons he is trying to teach us. Whether it’s in the latest blockbuster or in a random act of kindness, God can be found in everything. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Layne at studentministries@swansboroumc.org
Vacation Bible School—Children and Youth take part in Vacation Bible School one week during the summer! Come join the over 100 others participating in VBS. We have games, art, songs, and bible lessons that all connect to an overarching theme. Contact Susan Fulp rsfulp@vol.com with questions about Vacation Bible School. 

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