Hey friends! We’re all about reaching more people so we can help them discover extraordinary life in Christ. And you can help make that happen by writing positive reviews for our church online.

When you look for a new restaurant to visit, you probably check the reviews first. And people looking for a church do the same thing.

In your reviews for our church, you can add photos, please try to be specific about why you love being part of the church, and share why someone should come check it out. Here are a couple of examples of reviews others have left for our church:

I’ve been attending Swansboro UMC for close to 30 years. I felt welcomed from the very start by the kind and loving embrace of it’s members. They nurtured me through excellent sermons, studies, missions, Stephen’s Ministry, and lifegroups. It’s a lively never boring place to be a servant of God!

I have recently just started attending church here and have greatly enjoyed each week’s sermon and the pastor’s style of preaching. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. They offer multiple service times on Sunday with both traditional and contemporary services. I would highly recommend Swansboro United Methodist Church for anyone looking to learn more about God’s word and being part of a loving Christian congregation.

What should you NOT include?  Try to avoid any information that could change in a way that could be ‘out of date’ one day – specific dates, worship times, or even people’s names (feel free to use their job/role/title!)

Here’s some sentence starter ideas (just pick 2-3 of your favorites!)

  • I found Swansboro UMC….
  • Swansboro UMC is different because….
  • My favorite ministry here is….
  • SUMC serves others by….
  • Worship is….
  • You would love SUMC if you’re…..
  • SUMC’s best events are…
  • SUMC has helped me in my walk of faith because…
  • I see God moving at SUMC ….

To make the BIGGEST impact, write a review on each of the platforms listed below (no worries if you just copy-paste the text on several platforms) and add a few photos with your review. If the Google button doesn’t work, just google Swansboro UMC, look to the right of the page, scroll down to the “Reviews” section, and click “write a review.”

Other reviews that you can use the same write-up with include (just go to their websites and look for SUMC):
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  • Church Finder Review