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Vision Statement: The Haiti Mission is the primary international mission site for our church. It will help revitalize, rebuild, and renew programs for children, education, public health, and medical missions.

January 2015: Five more healthy goats were born and another kid is due!

UMCOR released this great video about the earthquake five years ago and the time since on YouTube: "Haiti Five Years Later: Jim Gulley Remembers"

August 2014: On August 1, the goat barn in Fond Doux was blessed with a healthy little girl. This newborn kid joins the ten goats purchased earlier this year by Dr. Libby Engel, DVM and the team from Epworth UMC in Durham. Our neighbors in Haiti named one of the sweet mother goats “Swanny” in grateful recognition of your prayers, participation and the encouragement of Swansboro UMC to sustain them in this journey to a better future.

January 2014: The barn is complete! The mission team completed the goat barn during the first trip of 2014. Click HERE to read the report for this mission. January and early February 2014 were exciting times for SUMC in mission in Fond Doux and Delatte, Haiti. We had two mission trips scheduled. Read more....

February 2013: Lynn R., Fred V. and Mandy G, three members of SUMC, went on a mission trip to Haiti along with three others from Clayton NC. 

Prayers and blessings to them and to the Haitian people they met.

June 12, 2012:

A presentation from our Haiti Mission Team included a PowerPoint slide show of their May 9-16 UMVIM (United Methodist Volunteers in Mission) trip.

The project assigned (by UMCOR) was to repair damages to the Petit Goave Methodist Church in Haiti and to build a security wall around the church and library/book store. Our team’s part was to help construct the security wall around the property.

The team worked hard with the Haitian construction crew to complete the foundation and construct the lower section of the wall.  We also made friendships that will last for years to come.

The team shared how God is working in Haiti and how He shows loves and finds value in all of his children.

May 17, 2012:
Greetings Church family,
   The Haiti mission team is home safe and sound.
   We all feel at this UMVIM trip was a very successful.  Our team worked side by side with the Haitian construction crew in the town of Petit Goave.  The overall project was to repair the Methodist Church there which had been damaged in the earthquake, to rebuild the book store/library, and to build a security wall around the new construction.  All the work had been completed except the security wall... so working on the wall was our assignment.  The Haitian crew actually dug the foundation ditch by hand. Part of our work was to sort out the big rocks from the ditch diggings, moved them to a big pile, move all the remaining dirt to another pile, haul water and sand for mixing the cement, haul cement and rocks to fill in the foundation... all by hand in 5 gal buckets... in a “bucket line”... did I mention in 90+ degree heat.  The guest houses had fans, but no air conditioning, so we drank plenty of water. We did have ice at the Petit Goave guest house and that was so nice.  It was very rewarding to see and work with these very hard working men, knowing that our investment of time and money would help them for years to come. 
   A presentation by our Haiti Team will be in our Fellowship Hall on Tuesday, June 12 at 7 p.m. Everyone is invited to view the PowerPoint photos and hear about this mission which was led by our Pastor Rachel.
Thanks for all your prayers and support.
God Bless You all!!
Lynn Rouse and the May 2012 Haiti Team

SUMC team overlooking the town of Port Au Prince, Haiti

Lisa Potts,
Carine Odifus (Haitian interpreter),
Deanna Scroggs,
Rachel Moser (team leader), Carolyn Amdahl,
Lynn Rouse,
Dave Johnson,
Bill Eubanks

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Read about happenings at Ryan Epps Home for Children in Haiti!

Periodic updates, including great pictures, provided by Al and Valerie Carpenter
Part 1 - May 6, 2010 - February 15, 2012 (File size as of 2/16/12 = 3.7MB)
Part 2 - beginning March 8, 2012 (File size as of 1/28/13 = 4.9MB)
Part 3 - beginning August 25, 2013 (File size as of 8/25/13 = 109KB - small)

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