Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is coming back to Swansboro UMC! A training class was held March 5, 2018. If you are interested in becoming part of this important ministry, please complete the application and either bring it to the church office or email it to the Stephen Ministry leader, Linda Carlsen at

Stephen Ministry Application Form

Stephen Ministry supports our pastoral team in the caring ministries of the church serving as an extension of the pastoral staff. Through one-to-one caring relationships, a trained Stephen Minister cares, listens and shares God’s love in times of confusion, stress, crisis and other of life’s challenges with strict confidentiality.

While pastors can provide immediate care, it is impossible for a pastor to provide continuing care for all of the congregants who are experiencing difficult times in a large church. Stephen Ministers assist with the sustained care that people require to regain wholeness.

Stephen Ministers are called to be “care-givers”... God is the “cure-giver."

If you would like to meet with a Stephen Minister or learn more about becoming a Stephen Minister, please contact Linda Carlsen at 910.617.0857 or or Pastor Crystal at

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Do one or more of these gifts describe you? Faith, mercy, teaching the faith, encouragement
Please consider becoming a Stephen Minister.

Each Stephen Minister completes 50 hours of training prior to commissioning. Trainees learn listening skills, process oriented goal setting and about dealing with life issues such as illness, death, relationships, spiritual concerns, job concerns, the stages of depression, signs of suicide, and what community resources may be available. Typically a Stephen Minister will support a person for months or even years.