Questions & Answers

Do you have a question about Swansboro United Methodist Church? If you cannot find the answer on this website, send an email to with your question. Please be aware that your question may not be answered immediately as it may take some time to contact the person with the answer. Thanks for your interest!
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Q. I am interested in joining your church. Will I have to go through anything special to do so?

A. We will be happy to have you join our church! Depending on your situation, there are several ways to join us.

  1. Be baptized if you have never received this sacrament. You will receive information and teaching from the pastor or church staff before making this commitment, which involves receiving a symbolic sprinkling of water, professing your faith and dedicating yourself to the church.
  2. Make a profession of faith if you were baptized as a small child but were never confirmed in a church. You may have to prepare by receiving some instruction before making your profession.
  3. Transfer your church membership to the Methodist church if you are already a member of another denomination. Upon this transfer, you will be declared a member of the Methodist church.

Q. How do I request prayers for myself or others?

A. Weekly, someone prays in our Prayer Chapel for requests that come from each worship service. You may also call in requests for prayers through the church office at 910.326.4822. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday. After office hours, requests may be left on the answering machine.

Q. Will the Beacon service do Baptisms as are done in the traditional 8:30 and 11:00 services?

A. Yes, we can do baptisms and receptions of new families at this service if requested.

Q. I have a question about your peanuts.  I live in Raleigh and used to be able to buy them at the Harris Teeter on Creedmoor Road.  It seems that they no longer carry them.  Are there any retailers in or near Raleigh that carry them now?  Everyone in my family loves them, especially my son-in-law.  I gave many of them away last Christmas in gift baskets and would love to do so again.  Thanks.

A. Thank you so much for your interest in our peanuts. We prepare both unsalted and lightly salted peanuts. The lightly salted are by far the most popular. The salted peanuts are shipped unless the unsalted are specifically requested. We do not stock peanuts in the RTP area, but would like to if you know a retailer that would be willing to stock and sell. We do ship our peanuts throughout the states and even overseas. We have all the information about our peanuts and an order form here.

We'd love to ship you or your friends and relatives some of our best tasting, world famous, oil roasted, lightly salted, gourmet peanuts! :-) Of course, if you are in the area, you can come by the Church and pick up peanuts. Just call for hours: 910.326.4822.

Q. How do I arrange a wedding at your church?
A. Our wedding policy and related documents are available in our church office and online under the section About Our Church, Admin Documents.
Q. Does the church offer marriage counseling services for members?
A. We do offer marriage counseling. Call our church office for more information: 910.326.4822.
Q. Who leads missions, evangelism, education and other areas of SUMC?
A. SUMC's Church Council oversees the direction of the church. You can find out more about the structure and current members of the Church Council here. A printable document listing all committees is included towards the bottom of that page.
Q. How do I find a particular room?
A. Floor plans are shown here. There are copies of it available at the church office and in the narthex of the Ministry Center. Our buildings are known as: Building 1 - Educational Building, Building 2 - Sanctuary Building, and Building 3 - Ministry Center.
Q. Is there a way I can pay my tithes or make other donations from your website?
A. Yes, see Online Giving. Payments are handled by Vanco Payment Solutions. Many questions about using Online Giving are answered on the Online Giving FAQ page.
Q. My child attends your Child Care center. Can I pay for that online?

A. Yes, there is a Pay Online button on the SUMC Child Care page. Payments are handled by Vanco Payment Solutions. Many questions about using this service are answered on the Online Giving FAQ page.