Hand Made'ns

Our Hand Made'ns make prayer shawls, baby hats for hospitals, shawls for sick babies, helmet liners, and hats for cancer patients. Shawls and other items are made at home or anywhere time permits. Yarn and patterns are available for knitting and crocheting. Our items are made with love and prayers of healing, wellness and wholeness for people going through a hard time mentally, emotionally or physically.

Prayer shawls are offered from the Narthex several Sundays during the year. These shawls are for anyone - congregation member, family, friend - close by or far away. Please share them with anyone who needs to know that they are cared for and loved.

Hand Made'ns meets from September - May at 10:00 a.m. in the Library (Rm 25, Bldg 1.) on the 3rd Tuesday of each month to pray over each shawl, hat, etc. and prepare each item for giving. 

Might you be interested in knitting/crocheting for others? You're invited to our meetings anytime. We'll provide you with a pattern, yarn and a friend to call if you need help. September through May meetings are short, business oriented and attendance is not required. Knitting or crocheting is done at your own convenience. Make one or as many as you want!

Contact Sarah Austin (910.389.4660) or Jane True (910.325.6365) to inquire about this ministry.

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Some of our Hand Made'ns at a monthly meeting. Wonderful Fellowship!

Pictured left to right; Jeanine Jones, Eldean Traux, Sarah Austin, Elizabeth Shropshire and Jane True.
Other members are Pam Thompson, Jean Erikson, Carmonlene Anderson, Tina Bell Midgett and Mary Licko.

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At the end of each meeting the shawls and other items that have been made are blessed with our prayers.