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Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School 2017


Vacation Bible School 2017 - July 10-13, 5-8 p.m.

Hero Central: Come discover your strength in God!

At Hero Central, all participants, kids and adults, will encounter epic adventures alongside biblical heroes. Together we will all realize qualities that make us truly heroes in God!

Pre-registration is happening NOW. Forms are here, in the Narthex, and outside the church office.

Pre-registration helps us get ready for you! Registration forms may be left in the offering plate on Sunday or in the folder outside the church office.

INVITE a friend/neighbor NOW…those who bring a friend will receive a Golphin’ Dolphin’ or MacDaddy’s token of their choice for their friend and themselves.  Spread the word and be a SUPER HERO!!!

For more information, please contact Susan Fulp at 252.393.7805,

“Do good! Seek peace and go after it!”  Psalm 34:14b

Adult VBS will also be held July 10-13. Adults will meet in Building 1, Room 25 from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. with Harold Fulp to study the letter of Paul to the Philippians, “Encouraging Words for Discouraging Times.”

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Vacation Bible School 2016

At the Surf Shack, we had an AMAZING 150 children/youth the first night and had a total of 179 registered and 60+ AWESOME Volunteers who caught the WAVE of God’s AMAZING LOVE!  Through the music, crafts, missions, science, recreation, and the Bible stories brought to life, the children saw how God Creates-Helps-Loves-Calms-Sends! The children were a Wave of God’s Love by filling/overflowing the buckets of hygiene items for Wings of Hope home in Haiti and by bringing school supplies for the Interfaith Refugee Ministry in New Bern!!!  “Remember that the Lord is great and awesome”  Nehemiah 4:14b

A special “thank you” to Harold Fulp for leading the Adult VBS Bible study. They had an average of 20 attend to study the book of Acts.

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Vacation Bible School 2015

The G-Force Adventure Park opened with 152 children/youth and had a total of 186 registered and with 60+ AWESOME Volunteers we put God’s Love in Action! Through music, crafts, missions, science, recreation, and Bible stories brought to life, the children saw how God wants us to Move ... Care ... Follow ... Share!The children/youth put God’s Love in Action with giving 134 pairs of shoes and 15 gloves for the people of Armenia, 92 containers to fill to feed our neighbors, and 25 “knots of love” blankets made for our local women’s shelters!

As we leave the VBS 2015 G-Force Adventure Park, may we remember that it is “In God we live, move, and exist.” (Acts 17:28a.)


A special “thank you” to Harold Fulp for leading the Adult VBS Bible study. They had an average of 22 attend to hear some of the great stories from the book of Luke.

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Vacation Bible School 2014 
July 14-17

WOW! Vacation Bible School Workshop of Wonders took lots of hands and hearts working together! To ALL the volunteers that gave their time and talents in gearing up for VBS and sharing God's Wondrous Love with the children/youth---THANK YOU! You made it possible to minister to these children.

As a church, we also need to recognize and give thanks to the following businesses that donated to our VBS: Golphin' Dolphin, Mac Daddy's with our tokens to encourage them to bring a friend, Sound Ace Hardware with work aprons for each child, Lowe's Home Improvements with little red aprons for the preschoolers, Guy C Lee for carpenter pencils, Sherwin Williams for the paint sticks for the cross craft, and Walston's Do It Best Hardware with materials to build bird feeders.  WOW and THANK YOU, God is good!!!

VBS Mission Project
Every year we have trained our children to bring donations in for our projects, in an effort to teach them how to “give back” to their communities.  This year, we collected donations for two (2) mission projects so we can “Pay It Forward” not just globally, but locally as well.

Project 1: “Hands Helping Hands”
- We collected work gloves of any size and any color to help those in Haiti protect their hands while they learn how to build in our Global Community.

Project 2: Our Neighborhoods
- We collected money for the Sound District Disaster Response Team. This work force helps rebuild local communities that have been damaged by hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. They are currently working on rebuilding areas that were damaged in Hurricane Irene.

It is most important to praise God and thank Him for our many blessings. It is also important to remind our children that not everyone is as blessed as we are and that coming together to raise awareness and collect donations is something that all children can accomplish no matter how big or small.

Update on the VBS Mission Projects:  $346.00 for the District Disaster Response Team, 254 pairs of work gloves for Haiti, 14 birdfeeders made by the 6th graders for our Golden Members, and 6 aprons and 35 cards made by the 7-12th graders for the Community Homecare and Hospice~~~WOW! Kids doing extraordinary things together!

Let's continue to BUILD, IMAGINE, GROW, WORK, and WALK with GOD together each day!!!

“You are the God who works wonders.”  Psalm 77:14a

ADULT Vacation Bible School

Led by Harold Fulp, July 14-17

The Jewish people have been in captivity for almost 50 years in Babylon. Now they have been set free and allowed to return to Jerusalem. This is their story. We studied some of the least known writings of the Old Testament;Ezra, Nehemiah, and other related stories of this critical period of history for the Jewish/Christian faith.