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Upcoming Sermon:

April 22, 2018
8:30 & 11:00 am - Sermon: “What does Inertia Have to Do with the Gospel?”, Pastor Scott Dodson
Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-2

9:45 & 11:15 am - Sermon: “The Lord Is”, Pastor Crystal DesVignes
Scripture: Psalm 23

Recent Services:
Video Recordings:  Most recordings are posted by the Wednesday following the Sunday service.

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Audio Recordings:  Recordings below are of the complete services (about 1 hour in length.)

April 22: Sermon: “What does Inertia Have to Do with the Gospel?” - Pastor Scott Dodson

April 15: Sermon: “The Effect” - Pastor Crystal DesVignes

April 8: Communion Homily: “Do Not Doubt But Believe” - Pastor Ron Gurganus

April 1: Sermon: “Easter: A Victory, A Promise and A Charge” - Pastor Scott Dodson

March 25: Cantata: “Come to the Cross and Remember” by Pepper Choplin. Directed by Merle Epperson with pianist Michael Taylor, the SUMC Chancel Choir, and Instrumentalists from Wilmington Symphony

March 21: Lenten Service with Rev. Ray Broadwell

March 18: Sermon: “The Crucifixion” - Pastor Scott Dodson

March 14: Lenten Service with Rev. Randy Innes

March 11: Sermon: “Sentenced, Tortured and Humiliated” - Pastor Crystal DesVignes

March 7: Lenten Service with Rev. Angelo Sanchez

March 4: Communion Homily: “The Courtroom and Courtyard” - Pastor Scott Dodson

February 28: Lenten Service with Rev. Susan Pate Greenwood

February 25: Sermon: “Betrayed in the Garden” - Pastor Crystal DesVignes

February 21: Lenten Service with Rev. Rachel Moser

February 18: Sermon: “The Last Supper” - Pastor Scott Dodson

February 11: Sermon: “Show and Tell” - Pastor Crystal DesVignes

February 4: Sermon: “Go!” - Pastor Scott Dodson

Bulletins and Announcements:

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