Congregations for Children (C4C)

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Congregations For Children (C4C) is a state-wide initiative of The United Methodist Church focused on reflecting the love of Christ to our “neighbors” by helping children in public schools who are living in poverty. Swansboro UMC's primary partnership is with Silverdale Elementary School in Maysville, NC.

C4C’s areas of focus include:

            • Supporting K-3 literacy
            • Helping with basic needs
            • Encouraging parental involvement

Books collected for C4C


PRAY for God's guidance and presence throughout the year.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Club morning assistants: November 9, February 15, March 15 (one or all of those dates)
  • Classroom helpers/tutors
  • Teacher appreciation events
  • Literacy Month events
  • Test proctoring
  • February Friendship project
  • Spring Book project (helper on the committee)

2018/2019 Project Opportunities


Contact Peggy Stolzenberg at to join us, ask questions, donate, or volunteer. We do not have many meetings, but connect via email.

Pictures on wall at Silverdale