The Beacon

Contemporary music, a casual atmosphere and friendly people coming together to worship God.

The Beacon is a contemporary service offered at 9:45 a.m. each Sunday
in the Ministry Center of Swansboro UMC.

Videos of the most recent services available

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Bulletins are here.

Audio recordings below are of the complete services (about 1 hour in length.)

April 22: Sermon - "The Lord Is" - Pastor Crystal DesVignes

April 15: Sermon - "Jesus With Us" - Pastor Ron Gurganus

April 8: Sermon - "Be With You" - Pastor Crystal DesVignes

April 1: Sermon - "Easter: A Victory, A Promise and A Charge" - Pastor Crystal DesVignes

March 25: Sermon - "Being Set Apart" - Pastor Scott Dodson

March 18: Sermon - "The Crucifixion" - Pastor Crystal DesVignes

March 11: Sermon - "Sentenced, Tortured and Humiliated" - Pastor Scott Dodson

March 4: Communion Homily - “The Courtroom and Courtyard” - Pastor Crystal DesVignes

February 25: Sermon - "Betrayed in the Garden" - Pastor Scott Dodson

February 18: Sermon - "The Last Supper" - Pastor Crystal DesVignes

February 11: Sermon - "Jesus is Faithful" - Pastor Scott Dodson

February 4: Sermon - "Ready, Set, Go" - Pastor Crystal DesVignes

January 28: Sermon - "Who Is Jesus?" - Pastor Scott Dodson